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        1. 新聞動態


          Security guard: 1. human services refers to the civil air defense security service contract to the customer unit sent to the relevant security guard security services company, in accordance with national laws and regulations on the client system, import customer unit personnel, vehicles and supplies designated place of safety management, in order to maintain public order per customer security, personal and property safety of a security business activities.
          Safety planning 2. large, temporary security services for large-scale activities, conferences, sports events, concerts, theatrical performances, various types of enterprises, business summit forum, press conference, trade fairs and other related civil air defense, anti technology combine security solutions and be responsible for the implementation of.
          3. security consulting services: the company for enterprises, institutions, organizations, social organizations or individuals to provide specific security and safety issues related to answer, security system, security measures and regulations, security engineering, home alarm system installation, debugging and application of business consulting activities.
          4. bodyguard services: global senior security services for large-scale activities, exhibitions, theatrical performances, sports competitions, enterprises, business executives and celebrities to provide full security programs, security, entrepreneurs, celebrities, movie stars, family, enterprise, team of the personal and property safety.
          5.安全技術防范服務:主要采用的事GMS32圖形監控系統。民生銀行,匯豐銀行,交通銀行等等的廣州分行都采用了GMS32圖形監控系統。 能有效地提高保安工作效率,降低保安系統運行成本,實現保安管理現代化。
          5. security technology prevention services: the main use of the GMS32 graphics monitoring system. The Guangzhou branch of Minsheng Bank, HSBC, traffic bank and so on adopted the GMS32 graphic monitoring system. It can effectively improve the efficiency of security work, reduce the operating cost of security system, and realize the modernization of security management.
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