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        1. 新聞動態


          One: the dress of security should be unified
          We all know that the unified clothing can be very good to show a company's corporate culture and spirit, security personnel need to ensure clean clothes at work, to smile, don't smoke, it can be good to promote customer cooperation opportunities, because these can reflect the company's management and strict security the security of personal accomplishment and quality from the details.
          Two: punctual arrival, no absence
          Work personnel all know that in each company is required to work on time, so each company will require some punch system, so the staff in order to the system of assessment, will stick to work on time, so everything in good order and well arranged at work, also can do punctuality in the customer, so as to enhance the customers self service experience.
          Three: adhere to the inspection, write the handover diary
          The main purpose of inspection is to take preventive measures, a safety accident is usually all inadvertently caused by the negligence, everyone to see things from different angles, so have different views, so security personnel will find all kinds of risks in the inspection time, this time will be able to carry out targeted solutions.
          The origin of writing diary is produced by the transfer of special security posts, because security personnel is the implementation of the shift system, if a class of things before, or not to processing time, you can mark the handover diary, this can let the next staff prepare to solve the problem, so you can prevent things not resolved, and unexpected events.
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