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        1. 新聞動態


          What are the primary security requirements of Shijiazhuang Security Company?
          The first high-grade safety should have excellent professional ethics. Peace-keeping personnel should be loyal to their duties, brave to sacrifice, love their tasks, enthusiastic service, perfect, courteous, abide by the law, do not affect the abstraction of public security organs, abide by social morality.
          High-grade security personnel should have a strong operational ability. It is necessary for security personnel to have a high sense of responsibility and mission, to be vigilant and to prevent all kinds of violations in a timely manner. Safety personnel in the event of emergency should be clear and correct, carry forward their weaknesses and interests in opposing friends, to prevent the exposure of their shortcomings and defects, sensitive protection.
          In addition, high-grade safety is not only delegation body, but also represents the abstraction of the company. It is necessary to wear different norms. Differences need to be properly dressed and not allowed to wear leisure clothes in the workplace. The mood is serious and upright, full of spirit, grim mood, correct posture, vigor, the process of action and clear rhythm, civilized language, reflecting the quality of the collective.
          In summary, all the above-mentioned services provided by Hebei Zhongtebao International Security Co., Ltd. would like to know more about Shijiazhuang Security Service Company. Welcome to our website: http://www.ssjfv.com. Thank you for your support!